TCU: Vision in Action


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Vision in Action-The Sequel Project Report

Appendix 1: Vision in Action Report Card – 2009 (Draft 12-16-09)

Appendix 2: AddRan College of Liberal Arts 5-Year Review

Appendix 3: College of Communication 5-Year Review

Appendix 4: College of Education 5-Year Review

Appendix 5: College of Fine Arts 5-Year Review

Appendix 6: College of Science & Engineering 5-Year Review

Appendix 7: Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences 5-Year Review

Appendix 8: Graduate Studies and Research 5-Year Review

Appendix 9: John V. Roach Honors College 5-Year Review

Appendix 10: Neeley School of Business 5-Year Review

Appendix 11: Athletics Department 5-Year Review

Appendix 12: Finance and Administration VIA Goals Review

Appendix 13: Marketing and Communications VIA Action Report Card

Appendix 14: University Advancement Campaign Update

Appendix 15: VIA-The Sequel Focus Groups Summary Report May 7, 2010

Appendix 16: Steering Committee Update Presentation to the Chancellor's Cabinet May 19, 2010

Appendix 17: AddRan College of Liberal Arts Academic Plan

Appendix 18: College of Communication Academic Plan

Appendix 19: College of Education Academic Plan

Appendix 20: College of Fine Arts Academic Plan

Appendix 21: College of Science & Engineering Academic Plan

Appendix 22: Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences Academic Plan

Appendix 23: Neeley School of Business Academic Plan

Appendix 24: Graduate Studies Academic Plan

Appendix 25: John V. Roach Honors College Academic Plan

Appendix 26: University Programs Academic Plan

Appendix 27: University Advancement Unit Plan

Appendix 28: Alumni Unit Plan

Appendix 29: Athletics Department Unit Plan

Appendix 30: Finance and Administration Unit Plan

Appendix 31: Marketing and Communications Unit Plan

Appendix 32: Library Unit Plan

Appendix 33: Student Affairs Unit Plan

Appendix 34: TCU Academic Master Plan Draft

Appendix 35: VIA Strategic Initiative Fund Final Report July 29, 2010

Appendix 36: Steering Committee Presentation to the Chancellor's Cabinet August 17, 2010

Appendix 37: Vision in Action Progress Report 2005-2010

Appendix 38: TCU Recent Alumni Survey 2005-06

Appendix 39: TCU Recent Alumni Survey 2006-07

Appendix 40: TCU Graduating Senior Survey 2006-07

Appendix 41: TCU Graduating Senior Survey 2007-08

Appendix 42: VIA-The Sequel suggested  Cardinal Principles and Strategic Priorities, Town Hall meetings

Appendix 43: TCU Board of Trustees Executive Committee Briefing September 10, 2010

Appendix 44: Steering Committee Presentation to the Chancellor's Cabinet September 28, 2010

Appendix 45: Resource Planning Template

Appendix 46: VIA-The Sequel Presentation to the TCU Board of Trustees, November 2010

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