TCU: Vision in Action


Steps in Planning


wind farmThe entire TCU community was provided the opportunity to participate in the second phase of Vision in Action. Campuswide, open town hall meetings focused on refining TCU’s mission, vision, values and goals. The VIA Steering Committee represented all segments of the University: faculty, staff, administrators and students. Trustees provided valuable input as well. Dr. Leo Munson, associate provost for Academic Support, chaired this phase of Vision in Action.


Reviewing, revisiting and revitalizing the 2005-2010 work of Vision in Action proved essential in developing its next phase. Planning entailed:


  • Reviewing the activities of the past five years
  • Considering whether TCU had adhered to the strategic plan
  • Evaluating the progress of the last five years
  • Recommending future directions within the existing framework
  • Evaluating the practices and results of the Strategic Initiative Fund (an annually budgeted fund to support innovation and entrepreneurial efforts)